UI Claimants-Registration for Work Search and Online Resume in HireNet

 (Your resume must be available online for the entire period of your filing, otherwise your UI benefits may be discontinued)



A.  General Requirements:   If you are filing for Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits, you are required to register for work and post an online resume in HireNet Hawaii in order to be considered fully registered.  You are required to have an active online resume in HireNet Hawaii for the entire time you are filing for UI benefits.  Your online resume must be posted within 7 days of filing your UI claim.  Online resumes expire 12 months after posting.  If you continue to file after the expiration date, you must either update and save your current resume or prepare a new resume and post that before the current online resume expires.  If you do not register in HireNet Hawaii and do not have an online resume, your UI benefits may be denied or discontinued.  

B. If you registered before: Login to your account with your user name and password. If you lost or forgot your username and/or password, use the “Forgot Username/Password?” feature on HireNetHawaii or visit a One-Stop Center.  You should have only one registration with HireNetHawaii, DO NOT create multiple registrations.
1) To update an existing resume: At the “Dashboard” click on “Job Seeker Services,” and "Resume Builder" or "My Employment Plan," and "Resumes." Active resume(s) will be displayed. Select "View All Resumes" from pulldown box to see resumes that were entered prior.  Click on “Edit” and select any of the underlined headings to update information.

2) To change your personal contact information, click on your name at the top of the resume.  Updating your personal contact information and employment history on your resume will update the background and profile pages automatically.

3) To create a new resume: At the “Dashboard” click on "Job Seeker Services," and "Resume Builder" or "My Employment Plan," and "Resume."  Click on "Create a New Resume." 
Follow the instructions to create a new resume.


C.  If this is the first time you are registering in HireNet Hawaii, follow these step-by-step instructions:

1) Go to HireNet Hawaii www.hirenethawaii.com.  Under the Username field, click Not Registered?.

2) In Option 3- Create a User Account, Click Individual.

3) Click I Agree, if you agree with the Privacy Agreement and to proceed with your registration.

4) Enter information to create a log-in username and password.  (Keep them handy:  You will need them to access HireNet Hawaii in the future.)

5) At a minimum, complete all fields with a red asterisk.  There will be numerous pages to complete.  Your Name and Address fields should be entered as it appears on your Unemployment Insurance Claim.  If your personal information changes, you must update your HireNet Hawaii registration.

6) Provide at least one method of contact.  If you don’t have an email address, click Email and a pop up window will assist you in creating an email account. 

7) In response to “Unemployment Eligibility Status?"  select Claimant, and "UI referred by Status," select Not Applicable.  "Claimant has been exempted from work search," select: NO.
There will be a button that says “Finish,” this means the registration is finished.  You still need to complete and post a resume on this site.  If this is not completed, your UI benefits may be delayed or denied.

9) Click Resume Builder, under "What would you like to do next?"   Then click on "Create New Resume." It is a requirement for UI claimants to have an active online resume posted in HireNet Hawaii for the entire time you are filing for UI benefits.   

10) Select either Comprehensive, Upload, Copy-and-Paste or Quick.  Enter a title in Resume Title.

11) A pop up message will indicate your resume will be online. Click OK.  
If, for any reason, you elect to take your resume offline while collecting UI benefits, notify your local UI claims office.

12) Whether you select Comprehensive, Upload, Copy-and-Paste or Quick, your resumes are required to display the following information to be eligible for Unemployment Insurance benefits.

    > Name                                             
    > Desired Location                            > Desired Availability  
    > Occupational Licenses, if any         > Desired Occupation       
    > Driver’s License                              > Desired Salary    
    > Education                                        > Job Skills/Abilities    

    > Prior Employment History and Work Duties

**It is recommended that a contact method (email/phone) be included on your resume for employers to facilitate contact**             
13) Follow all prompts to complete your resume.  At the bottom of the Completed Resume Page, click Save Resume and Return.

You have posted a resume online.  Ensure that the resume is set to ONLINE status.
14) FINAL STEP:  Check the Background Section. For all resumes (Comprehensive, Upload, Copy & Paste, Quick) you must have the Employment/Education/Preferred Working Conditions completed.  Go to My Individual Portfolio/My Individual Profile/Personal Profile/Background tab.  Fill in applicable fields (Employment/Education/Preferred Working conditions) if they are not completed.  (If you do not complete, the Background page, your UI benefits may be delayed or denied).


D. Reminders: Be sure to update your background information and resume as changes occur. It is recommended that you log into the HireNet Hawaii system weekly to check for any messages from employers and to job search.  You're not required to print your resume, but probably will find it helpful as a reference, to submit by email to employers, and to provide during job interviews.  

Eff: 6/2/16/Revised 1/19/17